About Me


My name is Anna, but my mum calls me trouble.  

I am a hopeless romantic, I say the word 'turd' a lot and I like to party. I'm a Christian teenager from London. I have a passion for film making, exploration, dance and of course writing. My dream is so CREATE, TRAVEL and INSPIRE. 

On the 12th of November 2013, I created this small world on the internet - MY BLOG! 
It is a personal place where I can write about irrelevant things for you to read. It is where I can interact with amazing people all across the world. Stepping out of my comfort zone has defiantly been a big part of my blogging journey. It all started when I first watched 'DollyBowBow' on YouTube. She inspired me to just go for it. 

Years later and I am sat staring at my laptop seeing the stats going up and up. It is so humbling to see the positive vibes being spread, thank you! Alongside my blog, I create content for YouTube; something I adore

"Life won't start until you step out of your comfort zone!"

With Love From Anna x

p.s. I named my dying potted plant...Edgar.