DIY. Toe Weaving Bracelets - Troye Sivan


Troye Sivan, one of my favorite YouTubers, recently made a video called ' My Toe Fetish'. In the video he shows us how he relaxes by making bracelets... using his toe. Now forgive me... some people hate feet... me being one of those people however I could not resist and gave it a go! 

So here is my D.I.Y Project -  Toe Weaving Bracelets
p.s. the video may help explain it better...

Step 1: Buy three different coloured embroidery thread.

Step 2: Cut 60cm pieces

Step 3: Pinch the pieces together

Step 4: Tie the pieces together to create a loop.

Step 5:  Loop the string around your big toe.

Step 6: Separate the pieces.
One colour wrapped around the middle finger on your right hand.
The two remaining colours on the index and middle finger on your left hand

Step 7: 
Feed your index finger of your right hand, through the first 'loop'/ colour on your left hand.
To then go through the second 'loop' and pull the string through.

It should look something like this...

Step 8: Continue with this process. Cut off and tie at both ends once done.

Step 9: Show it off... It looks funky in my opinion

The original video....

I say give it a go!

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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