Organ Donor


In 2013, I joined the NHS Organ Donor Register - something that I will never regret.
Everytime I delve into my purse and see the flimsy blue plastic card, it makes me smile.

The purpous of this card, is to say that I have joined the NHS Organ Donor Register, as I want to donate my organs and tissue from transplantation after my death. At the end of the day, I will be dead... long gone so if I can save/improve someone else's life by simply filling in a form, so be it.

It is so simple and I believe that everyone should sign up. For some their religious beliefs will not allow them too however I believe that everyone has a right to live. No one should have to die with people knowing that a transplant would/could have saved them and the religious beliefs that stop that, I believe should be reconsidered. 

One question people always ask is why? 
I simply believe that if my organs are still healthy, they can be used. 
I personally don't wish to have a grave when I die, I would like to be cremated and have my ashes scattered in key places I have traveled to across the world (I'd send my kids on a little travelling mission giving them clues and things... am I odd... yep I am odd). 

That is another thing people are always curious about... why I wish to be cremated. I pray that it is far off from my death. But 1) I don't really wish to have my grave tar-maced over and made into a car park, 2) I think I personally would waste space, 3) I want to send my family on that adventure I was talking about, 4) why not and 5) I witnessed my grandmas cremation and since then I have always wanted too - maybe to have a little something in common with her. 

That is the burn I was talking about in my last post. It hurts and the blister over it ripped in dance #funtimes

I hope that this will make you think about joining the register. It's free and all the info is below.

Organ Donor Line:     0300 123 23 23
Lines open 24 hours a day
Who's thinking of joining?

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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