Modern Education Prevents Us From Being Creative


In recent years, it is a fact that schools and education have improved. Since my parents attended school, the opportunities that have been provided for us, have certainly been enriched. I am able to go on a number of school trips each year and be able to get involved in different departments across the board.  However, school is lacking one major thing, the ability to let kids be creative.

In the past I have had teachers tell me that my ideas for creative writing pieces have been ‘too vast’ or that in recent days, I have been ‘a bit too ambitious’ with ideas brainstormed for where I could get work experience. Both these examples and many more, have led me to feel angered.
Furthermore, this is simply hypocritical.

Throughout my younger years in education I have had teachers express that us kids are no longer creative and that we must try to think of new creative ideas or ways in which we can go about tasks. Something that has henceforth, been totally ignored, when a member of staff has told oneself that their ideas are ‘a bit too ambitious’ or ‘too vast’.

Moreover, at the end of Year 11 (aged 15-16), I will sit GCSE examinations, (where I will have to sit deadly silent amongst the rest of my year, having roughly 2hrs (depending on the course), to splurge out all previously revised facts onto an exam paper), which are extremely similar to what occurred in the Victorian era. Leaving me notified that no creatively has been applied to the way in which we sit GCSEs. To further my point, the use of more exams than coursework for the younger years at my school, contradicts the idea that most professions teachers are pushing us into, involve team work, something that will hardly ever occur in modern day examinations

Now yes, there has been art lessons where I can paint whatever I wish, Performing Art lessons where I can make up my own piece however at the end of the day, I will always been graded. For example, there will be a mark sheet in front of the teacher indicating whether my newly choreographed dance has been executed properly or not (right or wrong),  despite the fact that what I have performed is something that I am ‘able to be creative with’.  Until I leave high school, there will never be a time or place where I can truly be creative without anyone judging me for it and this is why I believe schools are not letting their students be as creative as they let on. 

What do you guys think?
Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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