September = School
This is a big year for my school career that 'shapes my future', which is all well and good until you realise that you actually have to work your butt off and get good grades. Even though I know that if I work hard and put in effort, it will pay off, I will always have doubt in the back of my head that nibbles away at me...
I have been back at school for a week now and I still haven't got used to being called 'Year 11's'. If your not from Britain, Year 11 is important as it is the year in which you do GCSEs; gruelling and painstakingly long examinations where they suck out your brain if you screw up. In a way this year is good as it means I know that I am closer to leaving the diabolical cesspit of upper buffoonery that the Government call the 'education system'.

Starting this year, I have a new mind set. Yr 10 dragged on and on and on, seemingly getting me no closer to leaving. Since starting Yr 11, I have had a slight wake up call in the sense that now I can see the finish line. Despite this, I know that next year it will just get harder as I move into post 16 education (A-Levels or BTec) but I won't dwell on that. I just know I need to start looking for collages/6th forms asap.

I apire to have a career in film/tv production (and travel whilst at it). I love watching short films on YouTube and documentaries on the TV. Sounding sad to some, it makes me genuinely happy whenever I watch something that has been filmed with such precision and edited to the max with perfection (hence my love of Top Gear - a show that is a prime example of how editing/production is to be done).  As I am online so much, I am always seeing the celebs who 'make it' at such a young age - it is actually quite a set back. The idea that they have got their life and career sorted at such a young age and to then be sitting at home, wasting time re-tweeting rubbish on twitter... it makes you feel a little bit crap.

However, I put my trust in God. I know that he has a greater plan for me, than I would ever have imagined for myself. However, the important thing to remember is, God won't do ALL the work for you. That's where you have to put in the effort yourself. Continue to do the things you love and put every bit of effort into it and everything will come to you. Working hard now will give you endless possibilities in the future. Keep your head up, work hard and it will all work out. Moreover, if we let the negative nibble away at oneself, it wont be long before all our thoughts are engulfed into a negative cavern of spiralling doom.

This has been one of my longest posts for a while, I simply wanted to express that if you work hard you can PLAY HARDER. I have also revamped my blog quite a bit - giving it a whole new look. I really stoked as to how it has come out. Thank you all for 25,000+ views on my blog. It means so much. 


Love you, Nicholls x

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