Hello beautiful humans!

In roughly a weeks time, I will be starting Yr 11 - the worst thought ever - therefore, I will have to buckle down and work my ass off. The problem however, is that I get bored of things very easily hence why I can't revise to save my life. This is something I need to change ASAP. 

Here's how I plan on doing this...
I have come up with the idea of a 'motivation wall' - simply a cork board in which I will pin images or notes onto, that will help me keep my mind set on my future. I figured that if I remember why I want to succeed and what I want to succeed in, it may just help me to concentrate on why Lennie didn't get to tend his rabbits (English Lit joke). 

The images that I have picked include some behind the scenes of my favorite films, Harry Potter, Titanic and even of 5sos' 'Amnesia' video. I have also included some people such as Jack Harries - a massive inspiration of mine and Klyie Jenner - simply because I love the dress she is wearing and want to one day wear that when collecting a BAFTA (lol dream big and work hard). 

I hope that these images will make me concentrate on my goal and help me focus on what I know I want to be doing.

The second thing that I have done for a while now that helps me get organized is writing. I have said it before on my blog and it is true that when I write (even on here) about my thoughts or whatever, it helps me order things in my head as well. Moreover, next year I really want to carry on with my blog and write on it more. Youtube is slightly different however, I really want to carry it on but I know that I have seriously got to work hard on my studies this year and I will literally make my books 'bae'. Editing takes forever and I simply don't have the spare time.

Cheap notebook from Sainsburys' :) 

If however, you are like me and you like to write, I really suggest this idea. I don't like people reading my little note book as it is as if it is a little extra bit of my brain (thoughts) that are physically written down. My sister, without knowing once wrote in it and I almost collapsed. 

I hope this gave you some ideas and motivates you to make a motivation board yourself haha.

What year (or grade) are you guys going into? 
If anyone here is American please could you explain to me what age you are in each grade as if not I will forever be confused.

Anna xx

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