I came to the realization that I haven't posted on my blog in a while and that despite the weather being exceptionally nice today, I did not go outside - two things I regret very much. However, I must not dwell and instead I'm going to talk about something I feel is very exciting.

We all have our own interests and some people will just never understand the things that make our own hearts flutter. That is life and the whole point of 'inspiring' and 'sharing' is to show people why they do as such to oneself. In other words, today I wanted to tell you guys about a topic that makes my heart flutter.

As a number of you are aware, I have become very fond of the idea of going into production of film and TV. It is something I am really passionate about and would love to pursue in the future. In September, I will need to start looking around for the courses I am interested in for post 16 education surrounding the subject (I feel it is important to study the things you love).

I recently created a short film called 'Stored Away', in which I simply just mess around in my loft for a few hours and hope that the power of my editing skills and trusty Heinz Ketchup, give a good show. I honesty had a lot of laughs with myself whilst making this (call me mad I don't care). All in all, my message for today is to just go for it. If, in a couple of years I look back at this and think, 'What the hell was 15 year old Anna thinking, this is shocking!?!', at least I can then think that it was a starting point to many a better video.

Thank you guys for the amazing support. To come and see the amount of views I have on this blog now is crazy.

Love and smelly hugs (I haven't showered yet today) from Anna x

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