This is why I hate the phrase 'goals':

As many on social networking may be aware, the word 'goals' has been drastically overused by many a teenage girl. The idea behind this being; when an individual sees a post that they find either attractive or something they aspire to achieve, they may comment 'goals' - with a handful of over exaggerated emojis. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I have before used the phrase 'goals' to describe something - *holds hands in air* don't shoot me. The problem that has evolved, is that people have begun to use these 'goals' as a distraction from reality. Whilst scrolling through the comments of Jay Alvarrez's new YouTube video, on numerous occasions I came across the term 'goals' (Jay being a recent example however there are many more examples I can give).

The fact is, we have all become so delusional with the idea that we must be in a perfect relationship, have amazing tans, go sky diving, surfing, snow-boarding, hiking, swimming under waterfalls, travel the world, have a body ripped with abs and so on. In dream land, this would be nice, however in reality, it's not like that. You see, I'm not saying that these types of activities are ones that we shouldn't strive for. In all honesty, it would be amazing to travel like the 18 year old couple do. However, it is 100% fine to be at school, in education, working, living at home with your parents etc. We shouldn't beat ourselves up about not having these opportunities at such a young age. 

I know for a fact, that at the age of 18, I would not have the great quantity of money to allow me to venture in such destinations. Never the less, during the time that I don't have that money - I will be working towards having it, so I can do just that.

The activities we witness in photos, videos, TV, movies and social networking in general, of idolised characters - are seriously cool. Yet, my main point is that just because another individual has body, hair, face, boyfriend, girlfriend, house, career, whatever .... 'goals' does not mean they are a better human than yourself.

We degrade ourselves whilst comparing our life to that of another who are 'goals' and it is unhealthy. It simply means that we are less happy and won't appreciate what we have as much as we would if we didn't idolise people and their lives.

This is why, I personally, am against shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and idolising YouTubers (something I once did, but no longer do). I no longer idolise individuals such as YouTubers because, I am happy with the life that I am living and will appreciate everything that I have. Yes, I will watch their vlogs every now and again however, that is because being the nosey individual I am, I love to see what other people get up to with their lives.

Overall, we should not idolise people or their relationships as it is unhealthy and unrealistic. We will never truthfully know what that individual may be going through behind the camera, as on social media it is so easy to create a false character, that may in fact be someone completely different from who you actually are deep down. 

In other words, keep your focused of your aspirations but don't dwell on what you don't currently have. 


Anna x

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