How to: Straight Hair


You see, I am not one who knows anything about beauty or makeup so this post is just a little favor for a friend. I was asked if I could share what I use on my hair when straightening it. Hence why, I'm sharing it with you guys today. I hope this is helpful x

Firstly, you need freshly washed hair that is dry.
I use a simple TRESemme hair dryer to do this.

Secondly, untangle the mess of wires that mirrors your mental state.

Protection is key. Make sure you use heat protection in order to prevent damage or terrible split ends.
I recommend the spray as I never remember to put the creme on whilst my hair is still dry.
Vo5 is an excellent brand,

Next, the straighteners I use are Babyliss.
I really like them as they heat up quickly and do a good job, at a reasonable price.

Make sure to comb/brush through your hair. If you have really knotty or curly hair - or just want to be able to brush with ease - I would recommend buying a Tangle Teezer. I have never used a hair brush that is better - thanks Gran :) x

You next need to split your hair into sections. Separating into thin sections means that it is easier to work with and will straighten better. 
After you have finished straightening, you can use hair spray in order to keep the style secure.


I'm not an expert on these things but I hope it helped. I may do one on how I curl my hair with no heat - if you would like that let me know. 

I hope you have all been doing well.

Anna x

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