The Tory Taxman still claims tampons as 'luxury' products, aggravating me profusely.

It is fair to say, that no women ever thinks of their bleeding vagina as a luxury.

'Oh, I'm just going to pop to the shops to spoil my bleeding bum'. 

The thing that annoys me about this, is that it is such a small matter. No women should be taxed on something they cannot help. The patriarchal society still doesn't see that women should not have to pay extra for something of natural cause. However, according to the UK government, men's razors are taxed as 'necessities' because you have to avoid stubble yet, women's sanitary products are taxed as 'luxuries' because you don't need to avoid being covered in your OWN blood.

MPs are meant to be smart and for the whole majority but I'm sure David Cameron's rich friends wont think twice about not paying for a 'luxury' to go up their wife's vagina.

If the government really want to get money through tax, they should get GOOGLE, AMAZON and STARBUCKS to pay up! OR they should stop paying themselves extra for doing a rubbish job at sorting out the county and messing up the education system.

Do they really want women to be taxed for something they cannot help?


Anna :)

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