You're Worth More Than The Makeup - Review


Written: 18th October 2015    Published: 23rd October 2015

At roughly 1:45 last night, I decided that I wanted to put makeup on; I honestly have no idea why but I did. I couldn't sleep and after staying in all day looking like death as a result of illness, I wanted to look cute. It really hit me that plastering my face in makeup made me momentarily happy but that was soon changed. 

A wave of thought along the lines of, 'Anna what the hell are you doing at 2am putting makeup on?'
It's really weird but I get so much done at night, I could happily be up all night. If I wanted a super power, it would to be able to stay awake forever without needing sleep.

I feel very much like Brooklyn Beckham with these pictures haha.
Literally the best liquid makeup remover I have ever used. It leaves your skin so soft and mostuized.

(I have not been sponsored to do this, I just really like the product)

I wanted to stress that you are more than what you plaster on your face. No makeup brand, magazine or celebrity can tell you what you should look like. Moreover, remember that you have never seen yourself from the perspective of a stranger, you have only seen reflections or images. You may be unhappy with see the same thing over and over, resulting in you feeling self contious, yet a stranger may see you as utterly stunning. Your bums, boobs or waist line cannot define who you are. It is all about what's inside. 

You should be happy with what you have and know that you are created in the image of God, nothing less than beautiful.

I hope you have had a lovely day.

Anna x

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