A friday night with England showing its brilliant typical weather, I share good Indian food with a handful of my favorite girls.

The story begins in the toilet. 

As my friend and I messed around trying to find the right lighting for a perfect selfie, I nearly shat myself as two girls entered. My laughter and embarrassment was soon replaced with concern - with the shorter of the two girls saying, 'Come on don't cry. Do you need to be sick? Sit in there but don't lock the door.'

I immediately thought her taller friend was just really drunk but as the girl then looked stressed and in a flustered state herself, I asked if she was alright. She, to my surprise, practically said that she wasn't but that she wouldn't show her drunk friend that. Openly explaining what had happened,  I was in disgust. The drunken girl was out with her (then) boyfriend, 'treated' to drinks by the guy - getting her really drunk, he then dumped her and left them with the bill. I quickly offered the woman some money, wanting to help in some way and knowing full well that drinks don't come cheap. She swiftly declined by saying that as a teenager, I shouldn't. As we left the toilets, I was left in shock.

The moral of this story is try and not let your friends date idiots and that if you cannot find good people in the world, be one. I was left with the thought that treating others well comes free but finding someone who will deliver this back is another thing. Over my short time alive, I have grown to realise that living for the needs of others isn't something you should always do. By this, I mean that, if what you are doing doesn't make you happy or will help in the long run, you shouldn't be doing it. It is the initial idea that you should surround yourself with amazing positive people, who will strengthen you and help create the good moments in life.

Not all your time living will be like the ending pages of a fairytail however, with the idea that you will try and be the best version of yourself, for others and oneself, everything will eventually fall into place.

ft my beautiful girls x
Hope you have had a nice weekend. 

Anna X 

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