I have now been without a phone for nearly two months.

In this ever moving society without being able to instantly connect with people, you end up feeling disconnected. I admit I’m a victim of the world wide system, where being online is the norm. Yet, thanks to my amazing ginger friend, Geriso and sister Elle, letting me borrow their phones, I have been able to connect with people though social media (though not as much as I normally would do).

‘Disconnected’, is one of my favourite songs by a certain Aussi band, discussing the idea that you can get lot in a world full of celebs, hashtags #, trends etc. and being able to escape from that is so pleasing (it’s actually a little cheesier than that, as they are referring to a girl being able to transfix you away from all the nonsense of the online world- blah blah *eyeroll*). However, there are some moments where you want to be connected with people INSTANTLY.

It’s granted, I do not need a phone 24/7. I have been able to focus on my work more and get a rest from myself in a way. I am not constantly scrolling through social media and I don’t need to worry about my phone being nicked or damaged. It has been very interesting to see how people have reacted to me not having a phone. Loads of people have expressed how oddly un-phased I am about the ordeal. I am happy that I have been able to really talk with people now that I do not have a phone. I simply feel that in social gatherings, people don’t need to be constantly on their phones – they need to be engaging in conversations with each other. That is one thing I will never be able to get over. You get together with people… to go on your phones…? I’ve been able to sit back (looking a little lonely) and just watch how important these little devises really are to people.

Personally, I love it when someone is able to talk to me, make me laugh and not even think about having to contact anyone else. Thinking about it, the idea of being disconnected is pleasant but is it plausible? There are so many good and bad things about having technology and being able to connect with others. I have made so many online friends, sharing stories and real bonds with each other. My passion for film making and writing, was really heightened when I first got heavily involved in online activities.

In conclusion, despite the want to be able to switch off from the world, it is simply impossible. People need to be able to contact other in cries for help, campaigning, work and general living. On the other hand, I do believe that a six-year-old should not have a better phone than me. We need to teach this generation how to utilise the new technology but be sociable in REAL LIFE.

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