2015 Recap


What a year.

After writing on this blog for over two years now, it has changed, along with myself. 2015, has honestly been the year in which I have changed. I went through some rough patches with a little heart ache, friendships being tested and family challenges. However, it has by no means, been a bad year. Every moment that has gone by has shaped the person sitting behind the computer screen now.

I began the year a self-doubting girl, who relied on others for happiness. As time went on, I managed to loose myself. Only this year could I really say that I understood the phrase, 'only you know yourself'. There was a period of about a month, where I really couldn't focus on anything. I had in my head that I was a failure because of dyslexia. In reality, I was just using that as an excuse to not work, when I should have been using it to push me further. 

Summer came around and I was extremely happy. I don't know what it is about the season but it honestly just brings out the creative, happy side in me. Inspiration was popping up for videos and blog posts everywhere but looking back I didn't share half of what I wanted too and I can never really understand why. 

Everyday this year, I have been thinking about one thing - Film Making. I think about it so much that sometimes I think I may be driving myself insane with the thought of it. All I want to do is make movies. In years to come, this may no longer be the case but for now, my passion is burning stronger than ever before. Over time, it hit me that my first uploads onto YouTube were the old me. I'm not the same person anymore so on Christmas day, I removed a number of videos from my channel. It's not something that I want to stop doing, however I need to get my head round how I want to make it more about storytelling and less like those 'personalities' online. 

Overall, it's fair to say 2015 has been a good year. Year 11, has really made me focus on the things that really matter - friends, family and one's inner happiness. I cannot wait for next year. Remember: you are blessed, to be at peace with yourself and to realize that even if there is a bit of fog, it will soon clear up. 

Thank you for an amazing year.

Thanks for making it such a special year.
Bring on 2016!

What are you looking forward to next year?

Signing off for the last time this year... Love Anna x

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