Shaken, Not Stirred - STORY


Yesterday evening... I don't think I've ever ran down the stairs faster. Have you ever ran a long distance race and suddenly on the last straight, adrenaline instantly takes over your body? - that's how I felt.

Just as I finished a sentence about Churchill and his defeat by Clement Atlee in the 1945 General Election for my history homework, my sister shouted my name. In our house, we have the tendency to shout things to each other that aren't clearly audible. I thought she was calling me for ice-cream but half way down the stairs I realized the panic. My dad had trouble breathing and an ambulance had already been called - it's scary what I miss when I'm cooped up in my 'woman cave'. She asked me to stand by the front door and wait for the ambulance. I immediately texted my friend asking for her to distract me, something she instantly did - I'd like to thank her very much for this. I could hear my dad weasing and coughing in the kitchen. I would be lying if I said, by this point I wasn't scared. I was. I sat in the porch, my legs shaking and eyes multitasking between looking out for the green flashing lights and reading the texts from my friend. 

Fast forward in time and the ambulance was leaving, the friendly paramedics were asking if my sister and I were okay and Dad was now in safe hands. I had be shaken. Shock was still running furiously around my body and it wasn't until the front door closed that I hugged my sister and began to cry. 


In serious situations, give yourself a prep talk - knowing that you have control over your body, your actions and your emotions is what is key.You can control how you are feeling, what you express to others and how you cope with situations unfolding around you... something that over time I'm mastering. It is okay to feel scared, nervous and cry - no matter what age. The thing you must remember is to keep calm. Moments like last night don't sit easily but you learn from them and if that is not the most important thing, I don't know what is. I have the strong belief that no classroom lecture or PSHCE PowerPoint will teach you more about life, than...well LIFE. You have to live it whether it is scary, exciting or breathtaking. It's like a domino effect, one situation will lead to another and so on and so on - teaching you the most valuable lessons no preacher, teacher, lover or parent will ever be able to prepare you for. I'd then like to urge you to think about Romans 8:18, whether you are Christian or not:

'I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.' 

Some may feel that this quote does nothing for them, being just a jumble of words pushed together making an nonsensical sentence. However, to me, it's extremely important. The idea that there are even better things coming around the corner, allows me to have the utmost confidence in whatever I am currently doing - especially if what I am doing allows me to be happy. It lets me love the soul inside of me, cradling itself comfortably within an armor of skin and bones. I'm proud of this person I am and surely a little shake once in a while is never a terrible thing. It has also been known that drinks are best shaken, not stirred, meaning you need a little shake to keep you tasting your best. 

How are you?

Love from Anna x

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