Emotions Should Never Overpower Intelligence


The relationship you have with yourself overrides any other type and no matter the situation, your emotions should never overpower your intelligence.

The four point plan: 
Set some goals
Keep them quite
Smash them 
and then, clap yourself 

I believe your opinion of the value of your own worth comes above anyone else's opinion. For example, if someone disrespects or treats you in a way that makes you out to be less than you are worth - they should not cross your mind for another second.

Where does intelligence come into things Anna?

It's always important to take a while out when your emotions begin to derail and learning when to do so is the intelligent thing. If things don't add up you have to subtract yourself from the situation (that's only bit of maths revision I've done this holiday and quote taken from a good friend). Taking tie out over the Easter weekend, whilst on the Jurassic Coast, to appreciate, relax and gather my thoughts, has honestly been the most rewarding thing. Being smart about who you give your time too or who you trust with your emotions is key. This doesn't mean you shelter yourself away from the world outside, it's being brave enough to take a leap and being prepared to fall or fly. An individual who falls is still learning how to be more intelligent with their emotions and is incredibly courageous for giving something a go (even if they are hurt by the outcome). 

Overall, I've badly tried to express that no matter what, you should be prepared to stand up for/ love yourself - whilst cherishing your emotions and keeping them only to be exposed to certain people and that falling and being hurt doesn't make you dumb, it means you are still learning. 
I'll leave you with images of the wildlife down in Swanage. 

Hope you have had a lovely weekend off.
Love, Anna x

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