As I was irresponsibly melting a pen over a candle yesterday (I know I got told off), it got me thinking. Seeing the plastic slowly form into a different shape and change from a boring sainsburys' own red pen into something cool that I created made me think.


It made me think about how simple it is to change. I would melt the pen into a new shape and if I didn't like the way it had melted, I would heat it again and move it into another position. I linked this to life. If I can easily change a solid and turn it into a different shape completely and be fascinated with it (idk why fire fascinates me) why could I not do this with the way I think or how I act?

Surely, if i do something that I later think that I shouldn't have done or wish that I could have changed, I can 'reheat' it and mold it into a new shape. This doesn't mean that the 'reheating' takes a long time or that even the second time, the way I melt it is not how I want it, I should always keep going. Taken by someone close to me: Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Change is good. Hard but good. If we weren't losing friends/ changing the way we see things, we would not be growing older. Finding yourself and the things you are passionate about takes time. This does not mean we are doing things wrong or that things wont get better.

If someone looked at my pen, they would probably think it looks rubbish and throw it away. This is how some (me included) will sometimes think of oneself - rubbish and worthless. However, someone (for example me with my masterpiece of a pen, that should be in the Tate Modern) will honestly say that you are a work or art. You have been formed a certain way initially (like the pen) however you will change (run out of ink or be melted) but that does not mean that your previous self was rubbish (the pen was very good at sitting in my pencil case) , it simply means that you are changing. The things around you will change and people you are with will change, again, this does not mean you are worthless.

It means your portrait deserves to be hung in the Tate Modern as you are a work of art.

How was your Saturday?
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