‘I want 5sos concert tickets.’
‘I want to travel the world.’
‘I want a six pack.’
‘I want a tan.’
‘I want new shoes.’
‘I want a *designer name* handbag.’
‘I want to have perfect hair.’
‘I want to be a millionaire.’
‘I want it to be summer.’
‘I want to be a *enter dream job*.’
‘I want to have my own private jet.’
‘I want.’

It is inhumanely impossible to recollect how many I have heard the words ‘I want’. The society we live in only cares about what is to come. We fixate ourselves on getting things that we ‘want’ and must have, yet as soon as we get them the value seems lessened. I believe this is down to the ‘want’.

For example, for days now I have wanted it to snow excessively in order for school to be cancelled. However, as I was abruptly awoken by my beautiful mother yesterday morning, telling me it had snowed, the want for it was demolished. As I looked out the window and saw the small flurry that was settling, I knew school would still be on. This shows that how we want things to turn out, may not always turn out how we want them too.

From a young age I have known that saying 'I want' and 'I need' wont get you far. If you wait and ask politely these things may come to you. At the end of the day, the pair of shoes you said 'I want' to three months ago may be sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe collecting dust. I have learnt to appreciate all the things I have got. I am happy, healthy and fortunate. 

Despite this, I believe it is fine to dream of having things. It is fine to wish for something and it is fine to say 'I would like that'. It's just that the constant want for new things is something I wish people got to terms with. Sometimes it's good to stick with something for a long time.

Side note, I am extremely tired - very very very very very very very tired. 
Sometimes we all need a break but atm I am trying to get my 60% rate of getting myself together up to at least a 80% implying that I need to continue. 

wow I look like a zombie.

What is one thing you dream of having?

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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