Overcoming Idiotic People


(Thursday Night)
I'm currently sitting on my 'disgracefully messy' bedroom floor, with half straightened hair and a backside that feels numb.

After an ok-ish day at school, I came home to a warm-ish house. I was lounging around, I realized I had gone over 141MB of data (which is supposedly 'unlimited') and I was happily making my way down my twitter feed - when I noticed something on my phone.

Now without the details, names, ID photos, addresses and things, lets just say I was not happy. Yet again, some people had hopelessly tried to get to me. The pointless comments were yet again made by people who yet again, I didn't really know. The realization of the fact that, some people will always find a way of getting to you and it is your duty to set up a metaphorical fortress of tanks, machetes and Spitfires; that you can happily situate yourself in the middle of.

No way was I going to let these small minded individuals get to me. I feel that if they would want to talk with me then they must do so in person. I have no time or tolerance for people who don't make you the happiness you can be... and then support you all the way.

Today I am glad to say that I managed to overcome something that was getting to me - within a matter of seconds. Luckily, I have a network of genuinely nice humans, that I can speak to about things like this. They will send me messages that cheer me up or even simpler, make me food haha.

Some days, life can throw you the worst types of people. When this happens, you have to use this to spark a fire inside of you. It will make you strut your stuff, walk down the hallways, get the things you have always dreamed of, then still leave you with enough energy to heat a scented candle at their grave. They died in shock at how truly spectacular your performance just was.

If that spark has not yet been produced, give them a smile. A genuine smile. There is no point wasting your time being unhappy over a few dramatized people.


How do you deal with problems?
I had a shower personally. That always helps.

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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