With no doubt, we all have things we dislike about ourselves.

For a while, I was very self-conscious making me simply feel like poop. After sitting on top of a gate talking to a close friend of mine in the summer, I realized that his points were very valid. Over time, I learnt that loving myself for who I am was what I needed to do.

I wanted to tell you about a few of these things...

1) Stretch marks. I honestly dislike these so much. I have had people ask if I have been scratched or   even beaten. I have them on my back, bum and top of my legs. They are a result of my growth... I was once tiny and then over one summer, I grew so much and my body simply couldn't take it so marked me... brilliant.

2) Secondly, a very bad quality photo of my vainy eye. Being a pale girl means that my vains do show... something that always got to me. However, with my new outlook, I thought to myself 'hey at least I know that I'm still alive!' haha.

3) Last one is my birthmark - a big blob of 'poop' on my leg. Over the years I have had individuals come up to me, poke my leg and 'what's that'. Now I actually like it, despite others saying that is I quote 'disgusting'. 

Looking at these three different things, I am thinking about how much it used to effect me if someone said anything negative about these things. Now, it is different. If anyone were to comment about these aspects of myself, I won't let it effect me, simply because they are a part of me.

I can do nothing to change that and focusing on the negatives rather than the positives in life will never get you anywhere. Worrying/doubt is like a rocking chair... it never gets you anywhere... just waists energy. Ngl, rocking chairs are cool and fun though.

These little imperfections are what make each of us stand out as individuals. How boring would we all be if we had no quirky bits to our looks or personality?

On a side note, focusing on how we look compared to how others or what we want to look like will never get us anywhere. The ability to have a positive nice personality is better then being a carbon copy of a shallow minded individual. Never let people rule your mind in the sense that they make you feel 'ugly', 'clapped', 'frass' 'butters' or 'disgusting'. Let people know that you aren't affrid of being who you really are... whether includes rocking up to school looking like a zombie (ie. me this morning).

Do you have any imperfections?
Note: Each one of you are stunning inside and out.

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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