Overcoming Fears


Is there a set time when suddenly you are unafraid of things?

It hit me about 10 minutes ago, prior to making a loo stop and checking twitter, that I am no longer afraid of certain things.

After just getting in, saying hey to my people and singing a song from Oliver with my dad, I, with no hesitation, grabbed my things and ran up the stairs. It only just hit me as I entered my bedroom door that, I am no longer afraid of the dark. It was pitch black and I was not one bit scared. It has come to mind that over time we 'grow out' of our fears.

That's the bit that I was confused about.
If we 'grow out' of our fears, when does that actually happen? Do we magically wake up and are no longer afraid of Evil Pingu living in our bath?
I honestly do not know.

Don't even ask... I was so scared that evil Pingu used to live in the bath!!

Anyway... back on track. I think that over time your fears change with the way you are changing a human. We will gain new fears that we never would have thought existed before. One things for sure I hope to soon get over my fear of spiders and moths. EW moths EW. I can't even begin to explain how much I fear moths.

Top 5 things I am in fear of:
  1. Failing/Not succeeding.
  2. Not being able to have kids.
  3. Moths.
  4. Death.
  5. Evil Pingu.

What are your biggest fears?
Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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