If You Don't Swim, You'll Drown!


After an agonizingly long day at school with an additional 2hrs of so called 'dance', I came home in a pretty foul mood.

Recently, I have been feeling in these moods more often. This is effected by a few of the following factors, 1) I've been going to bed late (6am on Sunday morning is not the best idea - resulting in 3hrs sleep), 2) being petrified of growing up and doing exams and 3) my rubbish ability to be productive.

I know for a fact this is all part of growing up. At the moment I feel that, trying to survive is what you have to do. 

'If you don't swim, you'll drown'

It's as if, saying that you cannot do things and giving up, will make you 'drown' - believing in one self is the idea of 'swimming' and surviving. After listening to 5sos and 1D when having a break from writing this blog (and clearing my tears), I have decided I need to 'grow a pair'. Either way, I am growing up. I could sit around all day moping or I could get up and smash it.

Exams and other things will take their strain on us, but there are always positives to things that break us down. Lets take my shoulder for example (read here if you don't know what happened):
To this date, it still looks a bit odd and aces occasionally however, 1) I missed out on lessons that I did not wish to be involved in and 2) I got free gas and air. Now I could say that the experience was negative however it was an experience in itself.

Things like growing up will get to us but it is a series of experimental experiences that are unpredictable. We don't know where we are heading or what comes around the corner, you never know you could bump into your favorite member of 5sos whilst on the tube or find a £50 note at the back of your wardrobe where you used to go to cry (yes mum, that was where I hid).

The things that try and break you down will only make you tougher.
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
....and so on *enter another rubbish saying*.

That is 6 year old Anna, trying not to drown... or just doing a wee in the sea....
I'll let you decide.

Am I emptying my bladder or trying not to drown?

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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