Keep Your Head Up Babygirl


After an eventful weekend, to say I was in a bit of a poop mood would be an understatement. For various different reasons, I was feeling stressed and I wanted to just sleep for eternity. However, after a short while of my mood swinging from one extrema to the other (happy to sad), Miss Jenkins told me to 'fix up' - something I knew I should have done about 3hrs prior. This was not a rude comment and I commend her for saying it. Sometimes you do need a kick up the bum to get back on the right track. 

If you have not realised, I really like using gifs on my blog (idk I just like them). I was scrolling through tumblr, when I came across a few that I simply love:

Think of the amount of times in our lives we have told ourselves that we want to 'give up' or that we 'can't do it'... it is a lot isn't it? Now think how far you have got now. Each time we have said we cannot do somethings, we have over come it. Every time we have said we want to 'give up' - we haven't. Keep going and things will get better.

Once again another statement that is very true. Not every situation is ideal - some we will like, others we will hate. As it says, we cannot change the situation we are in however we can change the way we deal with it. If things are stressing you out too much, you can change things. Never feel like you are alone with something. Chances are that someone you know has been through as similar problem/situation. Taking to people is the key.

As if I haven't reminded you all enough, you are all amazing. No matter what your situation is, if you don't love yourself, then who will? There is a difference between loving yourself and being big headed (keep that in mind). At times, it will feel as if there is no one there for you. At times, it will feel as if you are alone in the world. However, this is not true. At the end of the day, someone will always love you. If that is God or the cat living next door. Find a mirror and tell yourself you are epic.

Don't buy dreams from people selling them. Chase your own and make people wish you were selling your own.

Keep your head up & always remember to smile.

How was your wednesday?

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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