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Should I introduce myself?
Well I am Tajaljeh from  and with lovely Anna from this blog we decided to do a collaboration. We will write on each others blogs about our daily routine - what we do, eat, use... I hope you will enjoy this a little bit different post.

One of my favourite breakfast is cottage cheese on toast and some fruit. But when I am a little bit late I prefer quickly made things like cereal. A must is also a coffe or cocoa if I don't drink it at home I usually take it in the coffeshop on my way to school.

After breakfast I brush my teeth and put on my daily cream, then is time for getting ready, I usually stare into my open wardrobe for around 5 minutes before I finally decide what I should wear also a weather is very tricky!

All dressed up, I do my make up and hair. Because I am too lazy and sleepy, I do a very natural makeup look. Nude lipstick by KIKO. I love extreme mascara and Catrice eyebrow set and when my skin has break outs also a BB cream. The entire make up routine will be soon on my blog!

I really don't pay a lot attention to my hair so they are often very messy or in the pony tail.

Note from Anna: Tajaljeh you are stunning!

Then I am on my way to the school, I take a bus and in 20 minutes I am at school situated in the city center. My classes start at 8 am and they last untill 2.30 pm. During that time, we also have a long lunch break, when me and my friends go to the coffeshop or market to buy ourselves something to eat and rest from school haha. 

I won't pay many attention to school because probablly everyone knows how it is in school. After classes sometimes if I don't have a lot homework I go to the city or just around with my friends. Then again I take the city bus and I am home- I make myself lunch which one is really not worth a picture, usually I eat some pasta.

After lunch and surfing on the web is time for my homework and studying. If it is still not too dark outside I love to go on the walk with dog or friends to relax myself a bit.

Then again I study or watch tv show ( I just adore PLL and GG) on  my computer and it is around 10 or 11 pm -time for shower! Before shower I brush my teeth, clean makeup off my face and put cream on my face.

In pyjama all tired I go in to my bed usually with computer or book and tea is a must- it really helps me calm down. Then I am for hours on Tumblr or I read book or plan what I have to do tomorrow. And around noon I finally fall asleep...

.. and almost  re-do everything tomorrow.
I really hope that this wasn't to boring post and that you enjoy it just a little bit like you can enjoy Anna's posts which are amazing - she just knows how to wirte, right?

Also if you have any questions feel free to ask me anything or want to read/see more "my work" then I warmly welcome you to check out my blog.




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