March Playlist.


I wanted to share with you my playlist for March, as it has been ages since I made one. Over this last month, music has been my therapy and a way of relaxing. If you know me well, you would be able to say that I will never go a day without listening to music. On my way to school = music, on my way home = music, in my room = music. If I don't have headphones on me, I feel lost - sad but true.

As I said, I have used my music to distract me from stress and a few other things - making this playlist a particulary personal one. I have also decided not to inclue 5sos even though I love them to bits. If I am honest, I have listened to their music so much that it has got a bit boring. Each of the following songs has a background meaning - I hope you enjoy.

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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