The Time I Went To A&E


Lets set the scene:
Friday 6th February
Roughly 5pm
Hot & Stuffy, Sweat Riddled Dance Studio
Approximately 17 witnesses
Anna Louise Nicholls on the floor crying in pain.

By this time of the week, I had already given up. I was hungry, tired and honestly I would have given anything to just drop into an endless sleep there and then. That's when everything suddenly went wrong. As I was practicing a new move, that can only really be described as half push up position/half worm kinda thing that then momentously leads into a roll... I felt my shoulder 'pop'. Honestly, I have never felt anything like it before.

I was in agony. At first I thought it would just simply ware off but you know when you fall or something and at first you are like 'no im fine' and then you feel the pain and you think 'no ok ok I'm not fine, this is going to be painful'... yeah? Well that's what happened with me.

Everyone thought that I had dislocated. I honestly thought I had too as I felt something move in my shoulder. I was, at this point, starting to shake. I was in shock and crying. After waiting a while the ambulance arrived and with the attractive paramedic sorting me out and my brain only focusing on the lyrics to Bart Baker parody lyrics and cats... I was fine.

I got in a swanky new ambulance (my first time) and we made our way to the hospital. After being checked over my an ex pupil of my high school, I was told that by the X-Rays, they could see that nothing was dislocated however something with a technical name had happened. This was not as server, wish was to my delight. In short, the ligaments in my shoulder had stretched, making more room for my bones to move. There is meant to be a tiny gap between one bone and another... my gap between them is just bigger than normal causing the pain.

Honestly, I dislike being fussed over - something I will address in a post soon.
The lessons of the day are:

  • Hurt your shoulder - gaining you free access to gas and air and to be treated by hot a paramedic and then have a cool sling.
  • Don't wear mascara - not good when you cry.
  • Don't dance.
  • Strapless bras are not the way forward.

Have you ever been into A&E?
Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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