Theory Of Happiness


In life, you will come across people that you will never naturally get along with - a fact that we will all need to accept. Some however, choose to dislike people for no reason or even hate them.
I believe hate is a strong word, just as strong as the word love when used in the right context or syntax. 
This is what makes people at times feel low, down, upset, angered and a multitude of different emotions. Here's where my theory lies:

Let's take you for example.
Average Joe

How are you feeling today?
How many friends did you see?
How many people did you say 'love you' too?

Now some days, it is easy for one to just hide away, not go out and have fun. Some days you wish to just hide in the ground somewhere, feeling unloved. However, think of it like this; at one point in your life, someone will love you. Wither that's family, friends, boy/girlfriends, wives/husbands or even uncle Roger's pet alpaca. Someone will love you. Linking back to happiness, there is always a way in finding happiness. One of the simplest ways is through people. As I said, we are not made to love everyone - but liking everyone is easy. 

In my earlier years of education, there has been a number of nights where I would just sit and cry for hours on end thinking that I would never fit it. Yet, now I can take the negative of those long nights and change them into something positive to spread. Over time I have learnt that trying to fit into a Where's Wally? Puzzle when you come from a High School Musical one is not pliable. It may seem hard and scary and all the rest of it, but life doesn't stop. Time will keep going, if you can't keep up, you are just going to have to catch the 186 bus to catch up with it. Life is too short to be unhappy and live with the fear that people wont love you.
Despite the fact that you may not be the prettiest, smartest, kindest etc etc etc person in school (you can not be all... just in case you are wondering), does not mean that you are no better than anyone else. Your social standing at school should not determine your happiness. We are all on fleek at the end of the day. It has taken me time but, I have found a number of different people I can turn to and have a laugh. 

So note to anyone feeling worthless and as if no one loves them;
1) I love you as you take time to read my blog.
2) You will soon find people that make you genuinely happy inside and out and the first person to make you feel like that, is yourself. Put on Beyonce and crank the volume up loudddd!

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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