I Am Lazy


For the last week, whenever I have walked into my woman cave (ie. my bedroom), I have stated to myself that my room is a disgrace. Honestly, if my friends mum came over to my house and had a look at my room... she would faint. The thing is, I know that my room is a messy and I honestly can't be bothered to sort it out. I will wait until it is so unbearably messy that I get stressed out and will clear it up eventually.


The fact that I know that I need to do something yet aren't doing it, shows how lazy I truly am. For example, I have to sort out work experience, something I inevitably haven't gotten. Despite knowing that I have to find work experience and having sat in an assembly where the message was practically, 'You haven't found work experience therefore you are going to fail your exams', I still am not bothered on finding a placement. Moreover, things like studying also show how lazy I am. I know that I have work to do yet because I am not fascinated by certain subjects, I just won't do the work and get rubbish grades.

Overall this a downward spiraling mess that I need to sort out asap. The idea that I am too engaged into the internet and not my work gives the impression that I am just not ready for the outside world. After talking with a friend about it all, I literally gave up. Even thinking about how much work I will have to do to get to the social standing I wish, tires me. As soon as I think of GCSE exams I think of my bed. As soon as I think of doing shifts at a workplace, I think of my bed. At the end of the day, I am lazy and need to change it.

I want to get the 60% effort up to at least an 80% in every thing I do...
just after I go and have a nap.

Are you tidy or messy?
Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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