After Christmas/New Year feelings....


Hey Everyone and welcome to/back my blog:) 
So as you are aware Christmas has been and gone. Its the 27th of December and there is only a couple of days until 2014!! So I wanted to explain some of the things I will be experiencing in the new year and also announce that you are more than welcome to come along to the journey. 

This past year has been amazing: I've met new people, travelled, but mainly had so much fun and I hope that this can continue into 2014! Being the inspiration seeking type of person I have looked on Instagram and YouTube to find some amazing new and extremely exiting things to do in the New Year! I have followed a bunch of new people that inspire me on Instagram; so be sure to have a look at the top of my blog where you will find a links tab... click that and have a little look at my Instagram, Polyvore, Tumblr and Pinterest. Throughout the next year I will be using these sites to spread inspiration and ideas. 

In a couple of weeks I will be uploading a blog post of my 2014 Bucket List which will probably grow throughout the year!

After Christmas I always love to look back on the year and over the weekend I will be uploading a video on either YouTube or just on here where I have made a montage of all the amazing moments over 2013! I hope you come back to watch that very shortly! 

Anyway on another note I hope you had an amazing Christmas and have a Happy New Year!
Talk to you guys later,
Love ya'll 
Anna x

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