Christmas Favorites!


Hello My Beautiees! 
As you are all aware Christmas Holidays are coming round very shortly..... this means i'm going to start getting very hyper about them! I acctually cannot wait...I have been buzzing all day! I want to share some of the wonderful christmassy things I love to do with my family and friends in the run up to christmas! 

  • Decorating your home to feel as christmassy as posible! Lights everywhere for a start, then tinssle, pine cones, hanging wreafs and putting up the christmas tree of course!
  • Taking part in secret santa
  • Writing out your cards! Make them personal...making someone happy is such a lovely christmas present! 
  • Wrapping the presents
  • Meeting with family and friends 
  • Listening to christmas songs
  • Watching all the christmas movies ~ my favorite has to be shreak! 
  • Walking down Oxford Street on Christmas Eve and seeing all the lights
  • Watching all the Christmas Adverts on TV
  • Smiling when someone opens a present from you! 

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