My Addiction.... YOUTUBE!


One thing that I haven't said on my blog yet is how much I love YouTube. It is an addiction that fills me with happiness. From Youtube I get to learn new things and follow the lives of people who inspire me. I have always enjoyed being up to date with the new styles and see how people recreate them. I really started getting into YouTube just before I started High School and its now an every day must! 

I wanted to write this post to show you some of the inspiration people who have actually more than anyone else made me want to start a blog! 
So here are my top 4:


My first inspiration and go to person to lighten up my day is Zoe Sugg (also known as Zoella). She is 23 and has already got over 2million subcribers on her channel! 

Was one of the first YouTubers I subscribed to and I will always stay a massive fan. Blogger was the first stepping stone of Zoe's MASSIVE success. 
Her blog posts have made a big impression to a wide audience. She is a English girl, who had a dream and made it come true! 

Sprinkle Of Glitter - Louise (Zoella's best friend)
My next inspiration is Louise AKA Sprinkle Of Glitter! She is again at the top of my list for being such an outstanding person! 

She is married and has a beautiful toddler called Darcey. She has made a career out of her Blogging & Youtube. Louise is extreamly friendly and has such a bubbly personality! 

Zoe and Louise are best friends and they met throgh Blogger. She inspires me to forget the people who pull you down or make you feel bad and just live how you want to.... with a smile on your face! 

In her life so far she has overcome a number of challenges, that have touched me in different ways. 

Bethany Mota - MacBarbie07

Next on my list is this American beauty! Her name is Bethany Mota. She runs a Youtube channel called MacBaribe07 and has now started to make her own clothing line. 

She is a very confident young teen, that once was shy and in a shell. Bethany just started out by making short videos on Youtube. She has now got a strong army of followers. 

Last but sertainly not least, DollyBowBow - Kate Murnane. She was the first YouTuber who's videos I started to make part of my weekly life! She is a beautiful blonde and has really inspired me. 

As you can see from her picture she is a natural posser and is very very pretty. She runs her own shop called DollyBowBow (make sure to check it out!) and she also is a dance teacher at a theatre school. She has changed her style alot since I fist watched her videos and thats the main reason why I dont watch her videos as much however she is still a massive massive inspiration. 

I love all these girls and the inspirational things they do! I will link all the things that I have talked about below so make sure to check them out! 

Thanks Again for Reading My Blog! 
Love YA! x

Youtube Channels:


Bethany's Clothing Line: 
Kate's Shop: 

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