My Love Of Tumblr & A Small Story!


It feels like I haven't posted in ages... I guess that's because I have not :( I'm so sorry about this! 

Today, I just wanted to share with all of you another love of mine... TUMBLR! It's my runaway, my wonderland and a place where I can go to when I'm feeling down. I wanted to stare this with you because I have recently heard a number of people get ask about my tumblr and were intrigued about it! I wanted also, to be able to interact with more of you on social networking so we, TOGETHER, can grow to become more or a family than just a number of followers! I hope you would take literally 5 mins to have a little wonder through my tumblr. It may change your day. I am also really looking to change it and I would love your input! Please have a little look...

On another note, thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed my last post about staying happy! I have found that writing the blog really keeps me focused on the amazing things life has to offer!
So... I wanted to share with you a short true story:
My mum and I went for a long walk to my mums friends house, it was around 8 pm when we left our house and as its still March, it was dark by then, it was mild tho so it was good. On our way (we were about 15 mins away from my mums friend), when a tramp stopped us and said...

"Can you do me a favor..."

By this time my heart was racing... I don't know... I wasn't trying to be rude or anything but I wanted to leg it. My mum is extremely good in these types of situations! The conversation carried on like this...
"What would that be?"
"Could you please... for me today just be really really happy"
"Of course we will! Thank you" 
We start to walk off
"I know that would have freaked you out... but please just for me be happy!"
"We will! We will for you and everyone"
"Thanks girls, have a good night!" 

So simple. Just to say that. It made me scared. But it made me very happy! I have no idea if he was high or had mental health problems or just feeling really good?! But I wish that more people could do this more!

I hope you have had an extremely good day and have another tomorrow!


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