The importance of a smile...


Recently, the sight of genuine smiles has become so rare, especially in the busy bustle of London!

I found the need to write this post because recently some close family and friends have had a rough time and they often need some reassurance and guidence. It came to mind how easily it is to give a smile. A simple signal to say 'have a good day' or just 'stay happy'. Thats all one person needs to have a good day or to realise that life is not bad and is actually full of extremely beautiful things!

Sharing the positive vibes is very easy! And can be done.... If we all work together. Why don't we just smile more, give nice compliments and give respect. Its stupid and a waist of our precious time to be bad mouthing and being bitchy to others. There's no need.

Tomorrow... Look 5 people in the eye and smile at them.

Tomorrow... Give someone a compliment

Tomorrow... Don't say a bitchy comment

Tomorrow... Be happier

Tomorrow... Be the happy person, people look at and think... I want to be like them!

I hope we can work together for a better us!

Love ya'll! Anna x 

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