Cold Season :(


Heyy Its Anna again,
Now recently, I have reaslized that a lot of my friends and family have been getting sick and have had to stay in bed. It's the time of the year (in England), where the weather is getting colder but mainly it's been raining so much... now beacuse of everyone getting sick, I have decided to come up with a list of somethings that we can all do to make sure we don't catch the flu and how to get rid of it quickly:

  1. Always drink loads of water and keep your body hydrated, you need to try and get the flu all out of your body.
  2. Rest! If you know your ill, it will help to just take a day off, don't keep trying to make your body keep going sometimes it's good to have a day off sleeping in bed.
  3. Shower! It will help you feel a lot better! Avoid leaving your hair wet for a long amount of time after though as that can make you have a headache or make your cold worse! 
  4. Get fresh air! Don't stay in side all day but if you do remember to open a window.
  5. Occupy yourself, if you can't sleep, with a book or movie.
  6. Snuggle down to bed early with a hot water bottle.
  7. Keep washing your hands! 
  8. Wipe down any surfaces you have touched a lot during the time you have been ill and change your duvet covers! You don't want any unwanted bacteria lurking on your bed sheets!
  9. Take medicine or drink hot drinks (I personally hate hot drinks even if I'm not ill but it still could help)
  10. Don't miss any meal! Unless your feeling like your going to vomit! But missing out on food will make your stomach agitated and  it can make you feel a lot worse! 

I have also been looking on YouTube to find you a video that you can watch for some more tricks and tips on how to survive the cold season! Please bear in mind this video is one of Bethany Mota's old videos and it is aimed at my girl viewers but boys, you can still watch if you want ;) Bethany Mota is one of my favourite YouTubers and I love to watch all her old videos when I'm ill in bed... just like today :(
Thanks for reading! I hope that none of you are sick and that you have a wonderful week!
Love for Anna x

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