Italy 2016


My first flight, our first girls holiday and my first time in the beautiful country of Italy.

As we took off, I was blasting 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen - a moment I will never forget. My mum, sister and I explored Venice, Lake Garda and Verona, three beautiful places. I'm someone who loves experiencing/learning about other cultures and Italy is defiantly the place to be for that. Everywhere I looked, photo opportunities sprung up and as you can imagine, I didn't hesitate to whip out my camera to snap some shots.

It was amazing to see all the names written on the wall at Juliet's Balcony - love is love.

Thank you Mum x

Hope you all had an amazing summer - I'm working on two videos that hopefully will be finished soon.

Have you been anywhere nice?

Nicholls x

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