Mid-way through the summer holidays and life is good.

My GCSE exams are OVERRRR and in the space of about four months..,

My parents have blessed me with a beautiful new bed that improves my life in every way possible, my braces have been removed, I have found a deep love for Prison Break, the dislocation of my shoulder has happened once again, the UK have made the decision to leave the EU, I've finally graduated after five years of high school, I turned 16 - which does mean I can legally drive a tractor in the UK and in a days time I'll be flying for the first time in my life.

It's easy to say that I'm extremely glad high school is over. After five years of being in the same place with the same people, you are soon dying for a change. I think it has been well overdue. Yes, high school carried some amazing memories and good people but with change comes new experiences and for me, new experiences always provide new lessons.

These exams were hard for all of us but I personally don't even feel like I have even done them. I've already had more than a month of the relaxing summer off, before returning to some kind of education and its been amazing so far. Prom was an experience in itself and I've recently come back from my home away from home in Dorset.

This truly is an end of an era for myself and the people around me. I didn't want this to be a post where I state all the cool things that have happened recently or, leave it as a reminder to people that we have school again in roughly a months time. My main reason for this post was to express the need for change and how important I feel it is. Just because high school has ended and the uncertainty of what I'm doing next year is always on my mind, that change that we are all about to face isn't a bad one.

The Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, always allows me to be relaxed - despite being in the confined space of a caravan for two weeks with my family. I think it's the change of air and mood there. I can think clearer about everything. I was sat on the beach on our last day, trying to cop a tan (yes, still in England), and I was just thinking about how minute the change into yr 12 can be. There will be no stress, if you don't stress.

I also wanted to share with you guys some photos from the past couple of months.




There are many more that I could post but I'll leave it there. I also wanted to take this chance to say Happy (late) Birthday again to my best friend. 

I hope that you are all doing well x


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