Late Night Scribbles


I have this notebook.

It hasn't been touched in a while, however today I thought that I would share a few things that I've written over the last couple of years in it, with you.

  • Date of writing: 20/10/15
Sometimes, the only thing you can do is simply stop. Stop trying to carry on doing something or being someone that isn't making you happy. You have to honest with yourself. Saying no, is something you have the power to do and the decisions that you make, good or bad, makes you who you are. At times, you only have yourself to strengthen you - be your own cheerleader. The ability to get back up in the morning after you cried yourself to sleep thinking about the demons and are willing to keep fighting them, is known as bravery. Life will sometimes punch you hard, catching the corner of your jaw, causing you to drop to the floor, wait for you to get back up, to then kick you in the stomach, causing you to become winded. However, getting the wind kicked out of you, is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air.

  • Date of writing:  sometime after or around summer of 2015
The future is something we are obviously uncertain of. We know nothing. I transfix myself in the future when in reality I should focus on the now. The things happening currently, not tomorrow or next year, now. Living in the past, won't get you to the future and living in the future won't get you through the present.

With hard work, patience and time, it will all come to you.

  • Date: Unknown
Never waste your breath trying to explain yourself to someone who is so arrogant, all they want to say is 'I'.

Wounds won't heal unless left untouched.

Moreover, a sea of people may surround you, but that doesn't mean you're happy. When it comes to people, quality is over quantity.

I guess these are all the things I scribble down in the early hours of the morning. It would be cool if you shared some of your notes.

It's amazing to see the response from you all whenever I EVENTUALLY write a post. I've missed writing and communicating with you all. I hope you've all been well.

Lots of love,


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