Feeling in that mood where I can literally take over my world and smile all the way. 

It's people like Lilli that make me smile when I'm feeling low or who just tell me to get off my butt and make a difference. Idk but I just felt the need to share this video with you guys like I did with Zoe's video last week. I wanted to add another video to my blog showing you that you can do it and you will. Anyone that reads my blog will succeed in anything they do because they/you/we know that if no one else will believe in you - I will. I was lucky growing up with such a supportive group of people around me however unfortunately some people don't have that - that's where sending me a small message may help - idk we could have a chat. If you would like this then please feel free to follow some of the links to find where we can have a little chat and talk about your future because it's bloody scary to do that sometimes and I'm wanting to interact with you more.

Direct Message Me ;)

Its been an extremely busy week for me. I haven't been at school and instead I've been exploring the wonderful city that I live in - London. I didn't post on wednesday as I wanted to collect together more photos of my week before putting them together in a blog post (hopefully this will come on Sunday). Tomorrow I am travelling to Nottingham for a dance show that I am participating in so I will be on social media lot when traveling so make sure to check them out. 

Thanks for being the most amazing people! 

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