It is 10 days til CHRITSMAS! WHATTT?!
Now over the next week or so, I am really really busy, with 101st birthdays, family gatherings etc so I wanted to post this before I no longer had time. This year has been absolutely crazy! I have fallen in love with a number of different things, I have found new interests but most importantly, I have learnt that life is never going to slow down.

Over the past year, I have not only grown physically, I have grown mentally. I have changed from being a girl into a young women. I have been able to understand my own views on life better and have been given more respect in a number of different ways. As we go into 2015, I have never been so uncertain as to what the future will hold however, if one things for sure - I cannot wait! 

I wanted to sum up my year through photography, something that I have such a strong passion for. So without further or do, this is my year in pixels. 

Whitley Bay
My beautiful sisters 16th
'Catch me yeah?' @ Durdle Door 
London. St. Pauls Cathedral
JUMP! Swanage ft cousin Steph & Sis
Sand Banks - Studland, Dorset
I could get used to this.
Horse Guards Parade
Handsome brothers 18th PARTAYY
Skyeeeeee ugh what a beauty
14th Birthday happy face. I look so tired.


#palechick. I NEED A TAN ASAP! Dw guys after two weeks of tanning I didn't look like a ghost.
Fireworks off a boat
People don't believe me when I say we are not abroad. 
You know what... I would happily live there. Luke, Luke Hemmings babe?! Yeah we are moving in together here.
Family Fist.
Cool white house.

Flowers are so photogenic
Tunnel of greenery.

So this brings us to the end of July... of course there are more photos however, due to the time and the fact that I have homework I must do, I'm cutting this post in 2. Part 2 will be up on wednesday. Hopefully at the earlier time of 7pm. I know a number of you have been annoyed at my time management and I am annoyed at myself. Sorry for the rubbish frequency in posts and things....
But i'll make it up to you I promise.

ttyl xx

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