so i was messing around with the flash on my phone at 1am yesterday.

A couple of days ago, I had a horrid dream in which I failed all my exams and ended up with 'w' grades. This shows how much I'm scared of failing. I mean you cannot even get a grade 'w'. There is something officially wrong.

I have come to the conclusion that we all overthink too much. Thinking before we go to bed especially, is where my thoughts crumble into tiny jigsaw pieces that are impossible to fit back together. Over time, I have come to realise that sleeping is the best answer. Always go to bed with a happy thought and then wake up with another. I am NOT a morning person however even I know that if I wake up with a smile, I am more likely to have a good day.

Despite it never really being my day, I always will make sure I balance out the pros and cons. Yesterday was not my day, yet at the same time it was. I, whilst sat on the loo, wrote down on bog roll what was good about the day and what was bad. Even though the bad side was slightly longer, I still learnt to appreciate the minuscule things that happened throughout the day that simply made it my day.

Every day is your day. Never let anyone run your day and most importantly never let the small negative things weigh out the positives.


Those where my 1am thoughts. Very jumbled, but still thoughts.
What were yours?

p.s from now on i will be posting my videos on sunday at 7pm gmt & my blog posts will be on monday, wednesday and friday. If I cannot meet these, I will let you all know. Thanks for all being amazing. Oh & please leave any questions you have for my Q&A video coming soon.

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