#WCW // Women Crush Wednesday Thoughts


As it is wednesday, I thought I would base my post on WCW (Women Crush Wednesday). It seems that a number of people on social networking have heard of this term along with TBT (Throw Back Thursday) and MCM (Man Crush Monday). You see, this made me think. It makes me think about how nice it is to point out that we like someone for either what they are doing or how they look. However, there is one part of this that got to me.

WCW predominantly is something that men and women take part in. Yet, normally only women take part in MCM. I didn't even need to question why this was. Our society, find it hard to let men call other men hot or fit. I think this is wrong. Being someone who is 100% behind gender equality, it gets me annoyed that as soon as a man compliments another man on their physique, they are instantly labeled as 'GAY'.  

Firstly, the use of the word gay in a derogatory manor is simply wrong. Being gay is when you are attracted to the opposite sex, not when you compliment you friend. Secondly, the term 'gay' is being thrown around as an insult by mindless people. I would walk down the corridor and on numerous occasions hear someone say 'stop being gay' or 'you faggot'. It makes me want to shove them up against the wall and yell at them. Being gay is fine. Being straight is fine. You never hear anyone shout 'stop being so straight' so why should homosexuals hear 'stop being gay'? 

From this, I say that we 1) need to keep complimenting each other - you never know it could really make someones day and 2) we need to make it ok for men to call other men fit or whatever. If women can do that, then so can men.

Btw my WCW is always... Alex Centomo

Btw, this week I might film a Q&A for my YouTube Channel so leave any questions you have for that in the comments!

I got such a nice email recently from YouTube congratulating me on my first 2,000+ views!
Holy Moleyy that's cool
Thanks again!

 Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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