As you will find out from the following images, expectations and reality are completely different.

Eating Cake
Sexy Anna. Plain sexy.

Christmas Tree Costume
I personally believe my representation of a Christmas Tree outfit last year is better than any I have seen before.

Cricket on the Beach
I just really want to visit Australia.

Sitting on Deckchairs
I have no words...

Drinking Slushies
If you are a loyal reader you would have seen that one before.

 Duck Face
And they say I'm not as pretty as Miley. Bish Watt

The mum I can't see the suns in my eyes photo face.

Eating a Sandwich

Wearing Santa Hats
Me crying because I will never look like Caroline in a Christmas hat.

Taking Selfies
When you realize that you don't have celebrity friends to take selfies with... awks.


Taking Photos in a Cave
I need a tan asap.

Playing Golf
Lets just say I'm not as good as Tiger....

My dinosaur date was very polite and held my hand, yet wasn't much of a talker.

I have no words... I have too many ugly slips.
and I wonder why Luke Hemmings isn't going to be my boyfriend. 
LOL. Dread I just crashed back to reality. 
*cries in room for eternity*

I hope you have had a good week.
Thanks for the 70,000+ views on Google+ 
I love you all - just as much as my dinosaur date!

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