I have a massive fear of failing. 

I have a massive fear of rejection.

I had a massive fear of being myself

It is inevitable, I am growing up. Over the years, the way I think has changed, my body has changed, I HAVE CHANGED. Four years ago when I first went to high school, I thought it would be like mean girls. I thought that everyone would fit into their group and just get through it in the end. I was wrong - people change. Some for the worst but mostly for the better. This is because the people I have met know who they are but if they don't they are well on their way to knowing who they are. Recently, I have gained knowledge in who I am. Who the real me is. What I like to do and How to (kind of) put forward my thoughts and change them into plans for the future. I believe I am beginning to know who I am. One things for sure, I know not to be afraid of who I am.


I cannot stress enough how important this is. I know it is so cliché however I believe it should be put into mind. Being you does not mean that you have to be completely different from the crowd or that you have to do anything that will draw loads of attention to you. It simply means that you put the ideas that are in your head into practice. 

If you don't like the way someone is treating another, don't follow the crowd and join in, tell them to stop. Despite the fact that the 'important popular' kids will not like you for that, screw them. The chances are that the people who talk crap about/to you at school will have no impact in your life after high school. Yes, there are always those people who feel the need to call other sluts, comments on the way other people do their thing however that is human nature. It is foul and I dislike it highly yet, it will happen where ever you go. 

So if someone is tells you that you are 'so tumblr' or that you are 'weird' embrace it. Despite how many people have and will tell me that what I am doing is (I quote) 'fucked up', I frankly don't care. There is a difference between me caring about the impact I am having on people and caring about what that one negative individual has to say.

Troye Sivan summed it up in one.
 'I am on the path to being a person that I am equally terrified by and obsessed with. My true self'.

After watching his amazingly filmed and produced video, I thought to myself, that crappy first video I put on YouTube was something that I enjoyed making, my blog is somewhere I like to write and the people I have met through doing this have made me into a better human being. They have made me become me.

Despite the fact that I haven't uploaded a video this week on my YouTube nor have I posted on my blog since wednesday, I believe those people won't care. Thank you for not caring.

Like I always say...

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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