I have dreams and ambitions for the future, some that may seem stupid to other people. However, one thing I have learnt is that other people’s spiteful negativity should never put you down. One of these ambitions, I have for the future, is to build a community of positive people through my blog and YouTube. I aspire to inspire.

This is where it gets hard. I’m just an irrelevant teenager with no idea how I’m going to get through life. At the moment I don’t believe I want to go to university as I feel that is not for me. I want to travel the world, meeting phenomenal people, doing incredible things. The ever repeating question that goes through my head is HOW? HOW are you going to do this Anna? WHAT IF you fail?

It’s taken me time but I think I have found my answer to my HOW and WHAT IF questions.

From day one, I have been raised with the inspiring thought that I can do whatever I want. I was told that if I put my mind to it, I could do it. If I worked hard and pushed for my dreams, I would get there. And this is how I’m doing it…

We all think differently and we all enjoy different things. Some of us are naturally gifted in math or science where as others are not. Some are all rounded but one thing is for sure no one is ever average. I like to believe that this is what makes the world go round. Not one person reading this has an exact copy of themselves. Not one person. We are all unique.

Never let anyone tell you that your ambitions are wrong or too far fetched. Why is that you may ask. Well, think of it like this.

You are climbing a mountain and you aim to get to the top before sun set however your mountaineering friend complains and tells you that it would be impossible - saying that 3rd base up the mountain is more realistic. You grunt and go along with what your peer is saying. Once you reached 3rd base, the sun hadn't set and you knew that you could go further. Yet, you start to set up camp as your peer had suggested. That night, you miss the best show of the Northern Lights, due to the fact that your friend had made you stop. There was then a loud rumble and you were killed in an avalanche (of metaphorical doubt brought upon you by your interfering peer). You would have avoided that situation if you had kept going further up the mountain.


Not letting people get you down will help you go further. Again think of it like this, (another metaphorical pandemonium is about to be presented). If you are rock climbing and someone wasn't pulling on the rope but let it slack, you would plummet - fast. If that person was constantly there tugging at you/your rope (being the irritating negativity that is ‘stopping you’ from achieving your best), you will be able to climb the rock face easier. In other words, embrace it. The negative drag of others vs your own positive mind set will always make your private jet hard to control. Although, once you get that controlled you will get that plane flying high. If someone doesn't like you or what you are doing screw them.

Another way to look at it, is that the person pulling at you/your rope is there for support. Luckily I’m surrounded by people who do support me in what I do (I see you reading) and not a day goes by where I don’t think about how incredible these people are. Someone who is a part of that community of people is you. Yes you.

The future may look grey for afar and your dreams and ambitions may be far away as we speak however we are only as young as we are now (One Direction - Night Changes ayy). Don’t miss a day living in fear of what others will say. Just do things that make you happy. How amazing will it feel when you get those exam results you want at the end of school or the promotion you get after you worked so hard?  If you fail, don’t worry. There is always a round 2 and infinite more rounds after that. Don’t be defeated by people who don’t know your strength.

Teachers, friends and parents can all get us down on occasion but who will be laughing when they see you driving your flash new Bentley (my friend’s motif of life)?

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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