Starting Year 10 was like running straight into a brick wall. 

Honestly, it has been difficult. The realization that, I actually have to get my act together and work solidly for at least the next 4 years of my life, hit me like a truck. Now, of course this doesn't mean that I'm not going to go out and mess around... pfffsstt that would be boring. It just means that I have taken on so many new responsibilities over the last few months. The things teachers drill into you in the summer term of Year 9 - 'We are getting you ready for Year 10', 'If you don't give in your essay about acid rain, you won't be able to get an A* in Science'... all of that is crap. Honestly it is hard however it is a learning curve and fun.

I have just come home from 'Parent Consultations Evening' or to you and me, a time where you awkwardly meet eyes with your teacher, politely laugh your way through the conversations and wish that you were in bed sleeping; none of which is at all fun. After dreading going, knowing that I had failed a number of recent mock exams, I managed to survive - just. It is extremely clear that the subjects I enjoy, I am doing very well in e.g. Dance, English and History (getting a B in my mock exam when I hadn't revised nor thought that I would get anywhere near a E let alone a B).

What I learnt from this evening is to never doubt yourself. Yes, I can do a hundred times better but that doesn't mean that for now this isn't good. It's just the first strep.
School does annoy the hell out of me and I am always wanting to go home and sleep but at the end of the day, I will miss high school.

I'm aiming high because if I fail... I will fall fast. I will get that fuzzy feeling you get when you are on a drop ride and then when I'm getting off at the bottom, I will want to get straight back on and try again. Life is about getting back on that ride. You have to know that you will drop at times but the view at the top is stunning.

 Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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