Sarah Benbelaid - Talent of the Month♪


Where did October go? wait what?! Where has 2014 gone?

For the last 3 months I have carried on a series called 'Talent of the Month' and this month is no acceptation. It has been hard for me to actually chose this months talent as I know so many people who are simply incredible. However, someone has shone out more than any other to me.
This is Sarah Benbelaid.

Now Sarah has no idea I'm writing this post about her as I thought it would be a nice surprise. I have known Sarah now for the past four years since starting high school and she is honestly so talented. The way she dances and sings inspires people in the younger years and I just know that she will go far. 

Where you can find Sarah:


Google+ :


On another note, I want to say thank you to everyone who followed the link to my YouTube channel and went and subscribed. I have now got two videos on there. I'm sorry for the bad quality - it's not my camera it is the editing software that I have used - it is seriously bipolar. I feel like I've let some of you down and I'm sorry for that. Hopefully by friday there will be a good quality video up and on time. If anyone has suggestions for videos I am more that willing to use them. Thanks for the support. Now go and enjoy your evening once you have subscribed to Sarah. 

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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