October's Good Moments


October was one of the crazies months of my year so far. I can't begin to explain what has happened. There has been ups and downs but generally everything has been very positive. I wanted to talk about the simple things that made october so good.

1)   My YouTube Channel.

A couple of weeks ago, I jumped straight out of my comfort zone and shared my first YouTube video with the world. It stuck me how many people wasted 5 minutes of their life watching the video however I can not be more thankful. That video has now been viewed 750+ times with 70+ subscribers to my channel. Cheers.

2)   Seeing my family

I'm being odd but I'm with my beautiful cousin Rachel.

3)   Talking to loads of people around the world. Seeing how other people live their lives and how successful they are being. 


Can someone just sing and dance to/with me like that? Can someone say those words to me?
NOPE?! Oh ok I'll go back to bed.

5)   Nina UltraPro Black Nail Polish 709067


6) Revlon Sweet Tart Nail Polish 185 

(Colour doesn't show properly, it is bright pink)

7) The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky 

8) The beautiful sunsets.

Thanks for making October so incredible!

November started with  a BANGGGG with #alexfromtarget and #askacacia being the only thing I have been interested in over the last couple of days. 
I was wetting myself laughing.

Next week I will be posting daily here on my blog so make sure you come and keep updated with that - there will be some posts that I would love to hear peoples opinions on. Also, if anyone has suggestions for posts - I am all ears.

'We have bad days, to make the good days shine brighter.'

Screw them - stay you
cus you are rad

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