"I'm Just Fading Into The Crowd"


On the way home from central, on the tube with my lovely grandparents and cousins, my cousin said something that stuck me. As my gran gave him his iPod, he unlocked it and simply said...

"I'm just fading into the crowd" 

It may be a very simple statement, yet it made me realise that the norm now is to be on your phone just like the rest of the crowd. He was right, he was fading into the crowd. I looked down the carriage to see that the majority of the people on there had some sort of device out, rather than making conversation. It hurt me that I live in a generation that will spend time on the internet rather than talking to people or simply taking in their surroundings. 

People will stay in and complain that they are bored when there is a hole world out there waiting to be seen. I know London very very well comparing that for some people I know. One person I know once said 'I thought London was a country'. Yes I'm not even joking. It sunk in that this person is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Kim Kardashian or the new One Direction songs yet they do not explore the place they live. This person like others are wasting opportunities to get out and simply have fun. 

Lets not purposely fade into the crowd - STAND OUT & BE DIFFERENT. 
If someone wants you to do something but you do not then simply decline them. If someone is changing you to be a rreplica of themselves or to get you to 'fit in' screw them and be yourself. Never feel like you have to depend on other people to find happiness. Make sure the key to your happiness is in your pocket, not in someone elses.

They world is something to be explored, life isn't meant to be lived in one place and there will always be something new for you to learn. Keep your head up high, knowing that even if this day was crappy, there will be better days to come. 

Take that first step: Ask questions, smile and then just go for it.

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stay rad

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