When You're Feeling Like Poop | #tryingtogiveadvice


4:45. Me. Bed. Awake. Sharp pains. Groaning. Rolling Around. Being saved by beautiful mum. 

Last night I woke up with really bad cramp in my stomach. Now, girls if you suffer from bad period cramps you will know, if you don't or you're a boy... I envy you

(I'm sorry if people don't like the subject of 'the time of the month' but tbh it's natural and nature is beautiful)

and i don't give a flock ft. sister phone and mum's onesie

This is my guide to being happy when you're feeling like poop.

  1. grab your nnecessities FOOD. LAPTOP. BLANKET/ONESIE/DUVET
  2. make your way to a sofa/bed
  3. throw yourself onto that sofa/bed
  4. make sure you have all your electrical devices arms length away (phone, tv remote, laptop   etc)
  5. turn on your laptop
  6. click on the internet 
  7. search for 5SOS, tumblr, twitter, wehearit, blogger, youtube & of course my blog ;) 
  8. lie there for hours until you get hungry 
  9. then find some food and a hot water bottle.  
  10. then carry on until you finally fall asleep. 
carry on this process throughout the time your feeling poopy and you will get bored of always being in and you will go outside and be happy again/in less pain(magically). Once your feeling better jump around and act like superman cus y not.

You can always also come to me if you're feeling like poop and we can have a natter. 

stay rad.

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