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Since I have nearly been blogging here for a year, I have learnt a number of tips and tricks. 
I have also been asked a number of times about my blog from friends and readers so I wanted to make a post about exactly that.
p.s. thanks for the idea +BabyStarTota . GO CHECK OUT HER YOUTUBE!
  • How did you get into blogging?
I first saw Zoe Sugg's blog over the summer of 2011. I thought that it was such a cool idea. Me being the nervous 11 years old, I didn't want to start my own blog as I thought people would call me weird and judge me for it. Despite that, last year I decided just to go for it. Honestly it's the best thing I have chosen to do, I just love you guys. 

  • Why do you use blogspot?
I use blogspot simply because it is simple. It is so easy to create content and share it in a matter of minutes. I can also easily link it to my google with comes in very handy when sharing posts.
  • What do you use to take your photos? 

  • How do you edit your photos?
The majority of my photos aren't actually edited however if they are I use it's the best website for simple editing of photos. I recently used the website to update my header.  

  • How did you add all the extra things on your blog (like the follow icons)?
I recently found this really cool website called It lets you add share buttons and other snazzy things to your blog. Check it out! 

  • Who do you ask for help from when your stuck?
My good friend google. 

Literally type word for word the thing your stuck on into google and it will come up.

  • How do you get people to read your blog?
I take an iterest in other blogs. If someone sees you reading/liking their work they are more likely to come and read yours. One thing I want to be clear on though is that it is not right to spam peoples blogs/instgram/twitter with "Follow Me On..." It's just annoying. I don't write a blog for thousands of people to follow it, I simply just enjoy writing and sharing cool things. The small number of people that follow my blog mean the world to me.

  • Where do you get inspiration from?
2 o'clock thoughts. Other bloggers and of course the goddess, Ella Grace Denton.

  • Any other tips?
Make friends with the people who read you blog.
Share your blog around on other social networking sites and tell friends and family. 
Twitter is a good place to share your posts whenever you write them.

STAY YOU! Don't try and copy other peoples work. 

I hope this post was helpful to some of you and you enjoyed a little Q&A type thing.

I'm at BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards as we speak which is so exciting!

I was a little upset when I heard that 5SOS couldn't make it due to Ashton's appendix malfunction but I would prefer them to stay in aus with the people who love them the most and get some well deserved rest.

Maybe a few of you could tweet me with the #tryingtogiveadvice wow that would be epic!

stay rad

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